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Singer / Songwriter

MION is an award-winning Japanese singer-songwriter currently based in The United Kingdom on a Global Talent Visa.


Born in Mie, Japan and raised in Aichi. MION comes from a musical background. Her father runs a music school, her mother is a piano teacher & her three brothers all play instruments. Her love for music began when she was six years old by picking up her older brother's drumsticks. She later learned to play guitar & piano.
Her music career began when she released her first single 'Fifteen' in 2010. Later that same year, she entered YAMAHA's Music Revolution (Japan's premier music competition). She won the local and regional finals and qualified for the national finals representing Nagoya.
At the Music Revolution Japan finals, MION performed her original song 'Ameagari -the best friend-' and won the Outstanding Performance Award, which helped launch her professional music career.


MION has released 11 solo singles and one single as a member of J4J (a band with her three brothers). In 2016, MION released her first nationally distributed single, 'Summer Magic', which ranked #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts. Her other singles, Alive (2017), Want You Back (2018), and S.O.S -Soul of Steven- (2019), have also placed high on the Japanese music charts.


Having been active in Japan as a singer-songwriter for over ten years, MION has vast experience as a live performer. She has performed at numerous music festivals, and concerts and has held four national tours. Since turning her attention overseas, she has performed live in Canada, South Korea and Europe.

Throughout her career, MION has been featured regularly in the media. Her television appearances include TBS's 'COUNT DOWN TV', Chiba TV's 'Shakkito!' & CBC's 'Go! Go! Smile!'. She was the subject of a documentary by Chiba TV as they filmed her first national tour in 2014.
MION has featured in numerous magazines & newspapers such as Chunichi Shinbun & Kouhou Komaki City. Music magazine CD Journal has reviewed MION's original music in three separate issues.


In 2022, MION obtained a Global Talent Visa from the UK Home Office after receiving an endorsement from Arts Council England. Since arriving in the UK, MION has performed at events in Leamington Spa, Brighton, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, Leeds, Retford, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Her current goal is to continue to develop herself as a singer-songwriter and help promote Japanese culture overseas. MION's dream is to provide a bridge for European and Japanese artists to collaborate and perform music together. 

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